The Iron Story

Ironmasters Gym was born out of the need for a local gym with a strong focus on weightlifting. A gym without confusing membership tiers and packages and a shared ethos among it's membership base - to support each other's self-improvement. We call this the #IronmastersFamily. Founded by Tom and Kelly Bluett in 2014, Ironmasters Gym is today known as the strongest gym in the Forest of Dean.

The Team

Tom Bluett

I came from a sporting background, having reached National Level in cycling. Circuit training and weightlifting have always played a prominent role in achieving sporting success for me. An advocate for physical activity for both mental and physical health, I have worked in the fitness industry for over ten years.

Realising that the Forest of Dean was lacking in the type of gym I love to train in, in 2014 my long-term goal of opening my own gym was realised and Ironmasters was born! I am passionate about providing the best equipment for our members and a lot of time went into planning the gym and kitting it out. It is constantly evolving, and I am always investing in additional kit and upgrades for our current machines. Providing a first-class facility that meets the needs of all our members, from our recreational gym users to those that compete in powerlifting and bodybuilding is my priority.

I have competed as an amateur bodybuilder for the last seven years. As well as prepping myself for each show, I have also helped several gym members go on to achieve success in bodybuilding. I am a rehabilitation specialist and work with several people with a wide range of medical and physical conditions. I work closely with physiotherapists and remedial sports therapists to create plans that enable my clients to work towards reaching full physical fitness and remain functional. My areas of passion and expertise lie in technical training techniques, bodybuilding, strength and conditioning and nutrition for health and performance.

Kelly bluett

I started my fitness journey later in life, when I found an interest in weight training and both road and track running. Like many teenage girls, I hated school PE and couldn’t hit a rounders ball if my life depended on it! At the age of 17, I accidentally discovered the gym and what training with weights could do to change my body.

I am passionate about physical activity for children and young people, and in 2010 I completed my Sports Education degree, obtaining a 1st Class with honours. I also went on to have a paper on strength training youth athletes published.

Having supported Tom in his first ever bodybuilding competition, I was inspired to give it a go myself. Following the birth of our second son, I decided to challenge myself to stepping on a bodybuilding stage. When he was just ten months old, I competed at my first ever show – I came 6th out of 6 but was in the best physical condition I had ever been in! With a career in the NHS, the birth of our third son, and the opening of our own gym, it took me a further six years to step on stage again. In 2017 I placed first in trained figure and won the title of Miss England, I then went on to take second place in trained figure at the IBFA British Finals in 2018.

I love working with women and young adults and incorporate coaching for mental wellbeing and success into training sessions with my clients.


Ironmasters have a PT opportunity available now! An exciting prospect of training your clients at the best gym in the Forest of Dean. If you are passionate, motivated and have a desire to build a customer base, please get in touch with us now.