#Ironmasters family

The #IronmastersFamily is what we call our membership offering here at Ironmasters Gym.

A family of like-minded people, men and women, young and old that support each other in our (many different) aims and goals. It is a community that has become stronger over the years and we are always looking for newcomers to join the family. When you join we would love to have a quick chat about your goals and how we can help.

The #IronmastersFamily exists to boost each other and offer support when it's needed.

Ready to join the family?


12 months contract membership

This is your monthly package. Simple pricing, no bullsh*t and no hidden fees. Unlimited access to the gym.


non-contract membership

Same membership, just no contract.

30 days notice to cancel.



Day Pass

Annual membership

This is a one-time pass to visit the gym, everything the #IronmastersFamily package offers but only for one day.

Our best value membership option.

12 months for only £250.

You will be redirected to a secure payment site.